GSI Consulting comprises experienced senior consultants who work closely with clients to provide personal and professional views on research, reviews, analyses and plans.

Our consultants have global, national and local experience and are able to bring leading practice knowledge, practical know-how and personal attention to clients and their assignments. They have been responsible for growth, strategy and improvement outcomes with many clients by leading both large and small projects.

Strategic Alliances have been established with other companies and individuals in order to expand our service delivery options and to provide a complete service to clients. We have access to a network of skilled associates across Australia, UK, Canada, US and Europe. A wealth of global expertise and knowledge can be accessed to assist in identifying solutions.

GSI Consulting offers the following expertise associated with the core services of Growth (G), Strategy (S) and Improvement (I):

  • Strategic and business planning, ie strategic and operational
  • Strategic Management and Performance management
  • Planning for business growth
  • Policy planning and improvement
  • Performance measurement
  • Service Level Agreements
  • Market research and plan development
  • Operational and organisational improvement
  • Leading Practice programs for process improvement and staff professional development
  • Enterprise review, assessment and improvement planning
  • Business process analysis and re-engineering
  • Business assessment for quality, cost reduction, innovation and growth
  • Facilitation and management of workshops, conferences and events
  • Organisational change management
  • Team development and operation of excelling teams
  • Mentoring and Personal Training
  • Strategic Procurement and Supply chain management
  • Customer service and customer relationship management

Individuals and/or teams of experienced consultants are utilised to assist in achieving project outcomes in all of the above areas. The strength of the company lies in the collective expertise and knowledge of its consultants and alliances.